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Raised Kennel Runs: Increase Revenue Without Costly Construction

Wednesday, Apr 18th, 2012

View of the nipple that attaches to the pipe

In the April Issue of Veterinary Economics, Gary Glassman, CPA says about Boarding & Grooming “Every square foot of your hospital, if not used for storage, needs to produce income. From a financial standpoint, boarding makes great sense. The most profitable veterinary practices I work with are those that offer significant boarding and grooming. You […]

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A Groomer’s Best Friend: Elevating/Lifting Pet Bathing Tub

Wednesday, Apr 4th, 2012

Our Hydraulic Bathing tub is an ideal design for groomers looking for a lifting or elevating tub. A lot of groomers are owner operators which means at the end of the day, you are your business so your longevity is of the utmost importance. For this reason there has been a recent movement to educate […]

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The Perfect Doggie Day Care Swimming Pool Design: A Cure For Boredom And Overheating

Monday, Mar 19th, 2012

Some breeds love the water and they will dive right in, but let’s face it a lot of breeds avoid it like the plague. At Pompano Pet Lodge, our pool is a major attraction, I believe because we designed it from a dog’s perspective (we always try to see things through the eyes of a […]

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Foster Programs for Animal Shelters

Friday, Mar 2nd, 2012

Why Foster Public Perception that the shelter is a great place to adopt a loving animal Free Labor – if you have a new litter they need lots of around the clock care, and fosters love puppies and kittens so having them foster a new litter is a win/win Increased Visibility which can result in […]

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How Artificial Turf Increased My Dog Daycare Business 250%

Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2012

I operate a large boarding facility and doggie daycare in Southern Florida. The upkeep of the grass and annual replacement costs led me to consider utilizing artificial turf as a permanent solution. I spent about 7 months researching various companies and products and learned more than I thought I’d care to know about the stuff. […]

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