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Luxury dog kennel equipment is the key to a standout boarding facility

Monday, Oct 27th, 2014

Direct Animal image: Last year we helped 536 customers open beautiful new luxury dog boarding and daycare facilities using our stainless steel cages, kennels, grooming bath tubs and other equipment

Pet owner spending is staggering. The American Pet Products Association reported that pet spending is higher than ever, with a forecast of $58.5 Billion in spending for 2014. The report stated, “Pet services showed the largest percentage of growth last year, rising 6.1 percent from 2012, putting spending in that category at $4.41 billion. With grooming, […]

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Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 2

Wednesday, Sep 24th, 2014

Direct Animal image: "Preparing a concrete substrate kennel floor to receive resinous coatings is no small undertaking and specialized preparatory equipment will be needed." — Jeff Adney

Did you happen to see Part 1 of this series about how the right kennel flooring can make a WORLD of difference to your dog daycare, animal shelter/humane society or animal control center? Flooring expert Jeff Adney explained how the best dog kennel designs include flooring material that makes your life easy when it comes […]

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Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 1

Friday, Aug 29th, 2014

Direct Animal image: In Jeff Adney's article, The 5 Keys to Realizing Your D.R.E.A.M. Floor, the D stands for a Durable kennel floor

If you’re building or remodeling a high-quality facility for a doggie daycare, animal shelter/humane society or an animal control center, you’ll want to consider how your kennel flooring and equipment go hand-in-hand for safe and sanitary operation. The right floor material choice and installation process can make a huge difference in the success of any […]

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Among dog cage manufacturers, we have the only pee-free solution

Tuesday, Aug 5th, 2014

Direct Animal image: Pet professionals such as dog groomers, daycares and shelters appreciate that we're the only dog cage manufacturers who solved the pet pee problem with a subfloor and collection pan

Picture this. You’re grooming a dog and you spend an hour bathing, blow drying and clipping the fur so it’s absolutely perfect. Then, you call the dog’s owner to say, “Fluffy’s all set for pick up!” The owner says, “Great! I’ll be there in about an hour.” So now Fluffy is sitting in a temporary […]

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Colorful Dog Kennel Designs Bring Cheer to Boarding, Shelters

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Direct Animal image: Now you have oodles of options in dog kennel designs and configurations to add a pop of color in all the right places.

If you think dog kennels have to be sterile-looking and seriously dull, we have a surprise for you. You can easily bring a bright and cheery feel into your boarding facility or shelter with today’s colorful dog kennel panels. Color can make your team happier, your clients happier… and who knows? The pets might even […]

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