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How to Choose Dog Kennel Panels That Defy Urine

Friday, May 24th, 2013

When we talk with folks at dog boarding facilities, animal shelters, animal control centers, veterinary practices and other pet-care locations, we find that many of them struggle with a common enemy: dog urine. Specifically, dog urine is getting trapped underneath kennel panels… or even ruining the panel walls over a fairly short time. It’s extremely […]

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Do your cages and cage equipment pass this sanitary test?

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Direct Animal sanitary cages and cage equipment, with the only subfloor and removable collection tray system for easy urine removal.

Do your cages and cage equipment pass this sanitary test? We know that if you’re caring for numerous dogs, cats and other pets in your dog-boarding facilities, animal shelter, animal control center or veterinary practice … that’s a LOT of cages to keep clean every day. No doubt that your team is diligent about cleaning […]

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The classic stainless dog wash tub with an important extra

Wednesday, Mar 27th, 2013

One Capt

Our engineers are always on a mission to make life easier for dog groomers. That’s why we head out into the field from time to time, so we can talk with groomers all over the country. Inevitably during our travels, we often hear about the back breaking struggle of lifting wiggly, wet dogs all day […]

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Kennel news: Inventive Commercial Trench Drains Eliminate Kennel Odor

Tuesday, Feb 19th, 2013

Oh the never-ending problem of kennel urine odors. At Direct Animal Products, we constantly hear about this issue from the doggie day care owners, groomers, animal control officers, shelter managers and other kennel-related folks we talk with. They ask us, “Is there an easy way to get rid of kennel urine?” and “Do you know […]

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The Joy of Dog Grooming Tubs That Have a Foot-Tap Swivel Ramp

Monday, Jan 21st, 2013

Of all the professional pet grooming equipment you invest in, whether you’re running a luxury doggie spa and you need durable dog grooming tubs for your clients… or you’re a shelter or animal control facility using utility dog bath tubs for pups that need a loving cleanup… There’s nothing worse than having to bend down […]

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