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45 Degree Sides Grooming Tub


What makes this classic, stainless-steel dog wash tub so desirable?

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Direct Animal photo: When you look around, other companies aren't offering a 16-gauge steel dog wash tub, which is highly durable and won't ever warp.

After all, it looks like other dog grooming tubs at first glance. But look deeper.

Looks simple enough, with its 45-degree angled sides for plenty of elbow room. But this dog wash tub has something no other companies provide. Actually, several things: 

  • 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel: When you look around, other companies aren’t offering 16-gauge steel, which is highly durable and won’t ever warp
  • Anti-leak design: Our team has created a fully welded grooming tub design — no silicone seams, screws or other elements to loosen or gap over time and cause leaks
  • Wall protection: Our high backsplash design helps prevent water damage to walls
  • A nice depth: This versatile grooming tub depth is 13” for easy bathing of most animals
  • Easy on your back: An elevated grate guide system makes it easier to bathe small animals; 23” x 20” HDPE Elevated Grate included
  • Secure animals: Keeps animals in place with a tie-down rail located on the backsplash, plus 3 tie-down d-ring locations
  • Super sturdy base: Thanks to a fully welded stainless steel tubing underframe
  • Nothing in the way: The faucet is conveniently and safely located up and out of the way Center drain.

Outside Dimensions [800-15]: 47.25″W x 55″H x 26 5/8″D (Front to Back). Tub depth 13”. Center Drain.

Outside Dimensions [800-16]: 35.25″W x 55″H x 26 5/8″D (Front to Back). Tub depth 13”. Center Drain.

Looking for more reasons to choose our 45degree sided dog grooming tubs?

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Product Number: 800-15
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