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Professional Grooming Tubs

When choosing professional dog grooming supplies, select the dog bath tubs that save your back

Ergonomically-designed professional grooming tub

Bathing animals is so much easier with our patented professional grooming tub made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

Doggie daycare owners! Say goodbye to heavy lifting with our durable tubs designed for animal breeds of all sizes. Our engineers had your comfort and safety in mind when we developed our doggie daycare grooming tubs are equipped with swivel ramps, hydraulics and doors that help avoid the stressors of daily bending and lifting.

Groomers! Direct Animal is your one-stop source for ergonomically-designed grooming tubs designed to diminish the physical strain that you experience all too frequently.  Our grooming tub has an innovative swinging door, which is great for loading and turning large dogs. To access the door, simply tap your foot and the ramp swivels out.

Veterinary assistants! Our tubs are not only some of the sturdiest on the market, they also feature a free elevated grate to save your back. The experience will be a better one for both you and your little client.

Doggie daycares, pet hotels, local shelters and vets ALL love grooming tubs from Direct Animal

Our professional-grade grooming tubs, grates and accessories are suitable for every niche within the animal care industry. Our products are built to last and are designed for easy cleaning.

Check out some of the features that make our grooming tubs a great value.

  • Maximum durability: We offer several bathing tubs in 16GA stainless steel, the heaviest-gauge steel in the industry.
  • Leak-free/rust-free design: Our fully welded, one-piece designs guarantee no leaking or rusting.
  • Back-saving benefits: Elevating grates lift smaller dogs to a comfortable working height. Our ramps, hydraulics and doors also help you avoid lifting heavy animals.
  • Accommodates pets of all sizes:With the deepest tub on the market (28-1/4″), it’s easy to bathe large breeds.
  • Keep animals secure: Leash rails and D-rings provide secure anchoring for everyone’s safety.
  • Increased comfort for pets: Unique grate guide systems push water toward the drain, keeping animal feet out of standing water.

Looking for the best grooming tubs, accessories and supplies on the market? Let Direct Animal customize the perfect solution for your business. Contact us now for a free consultation at 877.459.7827 or

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